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30 January 2010

Spitting Image

Rogueclassicist (30 January 2010) points to a blog post on seattle pi (25 January 2010 12:06 a.m.) on an exhibit of portraits of writers, one of whom is John Milton:

John Milton, 1645, engraving by William Marshall

Milton wasn’t so fond of the engraver William Marshall’s result, as evidenced by the subscribed four lines of Greek in iambic trimeter, which I attempt to render in English in iambic pentameter:

Ἀμαθεῖ γεγράφθαι χειρὶ τὴνδε μ̣ὲ̣ν̣ εἰκόνα
φαίης τάχ’ ἄν, πρὸς εἶδος αὐτοφυὲς βλέπων〈.〉
τὸν δ’ ἐκτυπωτὸν οὐκ ἐπιγνόντες φίλοι
γελᾶτε φαύλου δυσμίμημα ζωγράφου.

This likeness has been drawn by unskilled hand,
you’d quickly say, regarding my natural form.
Friends who recognize this reliefwork not,
laugh at the mean artist’s misimitation.

(I can’t tell what the word before εἰκόνα is in line 1; for the reading, I relied on this.)

05 November 2008

Lucr. 1.83–84

... quod contrā saepius illa
religiō peperit scelerōsa atque impia facta.

But ’tis that same religion oftener far
Hath bred the foul impieties of men;

—William Ellery Leonard, trans.


27 October 2008

VII diebus

“Septem diebus, praeferamus spem metui, concordiam disiunctioni, mutationem promissam perstanti statui rerum. Septem diebus, una conveniamus una res publica, unusque populus, et iterum malimus meliora de nobis narretur”—B. Obama, 27 October 2008, Canton, Ohio.


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17 August 2008


As reported previously, the Bryn Mawr Classical Review, in addition to availability on line and via listserv, is now available via RSS feed at However, the links to the on-line articles are incorrectly coded. E.g., the feed points to my fellow alumnus’s review of Faraone 2008 at but should point to

Not to worry. One can now read and comment on reviews at the BMCR blog at in a Blogger interface.

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25 July 2008


Via rogueclassicism, the newest issues of the Bryn Mawr Classical Review will now be available via RSS feed at I used to be a subscriber to the listserv, but I quickly tired of the spam and irate unsubscribe reply-alls. The RSS feed, which nicely contains books’ full titles and bibliographic information, is a vastly superior method of delivery.

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